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Who We Are

East Texas Logging and Land Management

Pine Tree Logging

Sturrock Logging, LLC is a third generation, family-owned company located in Alto, Texas. We provide land services across all of East Texas.

  • Pro-logger Certified
  • Texas Logging Council Members
  • Operate Under Full Coverage Insurance

Our Experience

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Land Enhancement - 25 years
Logging - 30 years
Land Buying & Selling - 6 years
Land Management - 5 years

About Us

Aubrey Sturrock, Owner

Aubrey Sturrock III

Founder & CEO



Aubrey is a third generation logger in East Texas. He founded Sturrock Logging in 2006 and strives to offer the best land management services available. If you are interesting in selling your land or Timber, give the Sturrock Logging team a call!

Logging Company

Our Team

At Sturrock Logging, you can trust that you are working with fully insured and professionally certified loggers.